Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clara C What?

Hey guys! Been a while since i put some fresh voices into your head so here's one of my favorites! Met her backstage one day, heard her sing, and knew she was something special. Smooth, strong vocals, production skills, and amazing unique musicianship, here's Clara C. You may seen/heard her from ISA '09, or kollaboration but if you haven't, keep an eye out. She's got what it takes.

Clara's mashup

Her amazing twist on Paramore's "Misery Business," which won her the ISA spot!

Look her up on youtube for some live performances, and be sure to subscribe @ for more! Tell her i sent you (Richard.)

Enjoy, and spread this page to everyone who might like it :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wizard Smoke

Beautifully shot, this video from SALAZAR literally captures moving art in skateboarding. By covering the skaters and their boards with a combination of tempera powdered paint and flour, the "smoke," each move was freely exaggerated.

Clouds of colors trailed in mid air, some old school skating, a fitting soundtrack, and toned videography. (featuring, Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer, and Rob Rickaby) What more can you ask for?

about SALAZAR:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

if you think you need some lovin'

I know we've been behind schedule, but we'll be back soon! But for now, random update from one of my favorite artists!

Enjoy and spread :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello There, 2010

Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope everyone has a safe weekend; enjoy yourselves and be excited for what's to come! Thank you to all the people following this little blog we've brought back, thank you for telling us how much you enjoy it, and thank you for appreciating the art of creativity with us! It's been an amazing year, filled with surprises good and bad, but let's make this next one even better!

I know there have been some missing updates, things have been pretty hectic as the year end crept up, but there are many more updates to come! Many talents that need to be shared and spread, and many readers thirsting for inspiration. Keep in touch, and keep spreading. We appreciate it sooo much, and it makes our day knowing that people click through this "Cafe."

As for now, keep keeping on :)

Richard & Jamila

P.S. You know what really makes our days? Hearing from you! In the comments section, so please feel free to leave some thoughts! Thanks lovelies