Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesss; i got my stuff today. Ordered Krylon Clear Matte Finish, Krylon Flat Black Spray Paint, & a stone carving set. [obviously; i ordered all these things off an art website] I didnt have the time to actually go down to blick art store last weekend, so i just got the stuff online. The Krylon sprays are for the munnys.. =X & well, i wanted to start carving again.

i got 3 stones; an alabaster stone[white] from Italy, one soapstone[raspberry] from Brazil, & the other soapstone[greenish-red] from India, 2 detail rasps, 1 carving knife, a few pieces of sand paper, & a little bottle of polishing oil.

& guess what i'm gonn do with the white alabaster(;

*sorry; bad lighting = bad pictures.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This might just be a phase... but, lately, i have been thinking about building a cafe when i'm all grown. A cafe where people can come to display their art/music. Probably somewhere in San Francisco to maybe attract some undiscovered urban artists and musicians to the cafe. Bringing different types of art and music to the media so these artists/musicians can maybe get discovered. And for those who just love creating art & music, this cafe would be a perfect place to show off their work.

Lol; i already have Ben Wong saying he'd help me with the cafe & Jullian being the cook; "ive always wanted to be a chef and open my own place". :D Hoopefully, this would actually be successful.
I knoww it would probably be impossible to fully pull off, but hey, i like to dream.

i just really support undiscovered artists & musicians. <3

OH & i have decided to display some art or music, from some people i know, on this blogspot [if they want].
So get at me if you want me to post up your art, photography, music, etc.!
/help me find these undiscovered people!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Soo about a week ago, I ordered two mini munnys from kidrobot & they fiinally came in! Well actually, it came in yesterday, but i took all the pictures today.

One came with a pink marker & a fedora hat, the other came with a red marker & a spike mohawk. >:]

*all pictures are not actual size. view the image to see actual size.
oh & what am i going to do with them?.. you'll see[;

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


About a week ago, i started to design my blank mini Munny. Don't know what that is? Well; its a design it yourself toy from KidRobot. Anyways this idea came up, thanks to my friend Solomon :D, & the final product was planned to have a KNOW YOUR RANK shirt, SS varsity jacket, & the skull face from the know your rank shirt. I finished the body, but the face was killing me. I ended up not marking the face so Supreme Soul can just sign the whole head.

oh yeah; they were having a meet&greet down at Invisible Stripes on saturday&sunday; August 9&10. I was supposed to go with Solomon but later found out i couldnt. Soo, Solomon picked up my camera & baby mitch [the munny] & got it signed for me :D *thaanks again btw.

&&& when i got it back, it had a face on it! haha; thaank you george! "Ge.nius" from Supreme Soul drew the face on as well as signing the head.

anywhoo; here are the pictures of the munny itself & the munny with Supreme Soul; SlimJim, Mitch, Ge.nius, RjKoolRaul, Bionic, Frost, &Pharside.

SupremeSoulxKidRobot;"Mila J & Supreme Solo" lmao.

*all meet&greet pictures taken by; Solomon.

Monday, August 11, 2008


August 2, 2008 was another one of Serramonte Music Center's recitals. [i take piano lessons there, btw.] & well, it wasn't as long as other recitals i've been to, but the pieces always get better & better. I pretty much felt ownedd. There were little kids with mad skills. *including my sister of course. I figured that the order was based on the piece's difficulty. & hahha; i felt honored, i was second to last. Megan was one of the firsts, but dang, her timing is flawless. I, on the other hand, messed up a few times. Other than thaat, the night was pretty decent. The church we played at was much smaller than the one we went to last time, but the sound was amazing. Anywhoo; here are the videos;



To Write Love On Her Arms

So, check itt; a few months ago, i came by the phrase "To Write Love On Her Arms" more than a couple times, so i ended up researching it and, well, it turns out that "TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery." They provide all these help lines for those who need them. I have no clue if anyone would actually call them & take the help, but i'd like to hope. Yes, i know, it sounds a lot like pity right now, but its a shame to see anyone's life be regretted or taken away, even if by choice. This is pretty much a heavy movement & i don't know if its even successful, but i just have the need to put it out there. & i think you should too. It's not about pity or anything like that, but who knows, you might help someone from deep drepression, or even save a life. It's comforting to know there's help, so spread the word;