Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surprises and Presents! Pt. II

So maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was lying in bed thinking of what I could do that would be an amazing Christmas present for my girlfriend. I mean, i'd already got her material gifts long before the holiday rush came, but i needed the sentimental part. (Men, note that just buying things wont always work in the long run. Shoot for the sensitive stuff, HA.)

Distance was also starting to take a bit of a toll on our relationship, so I needed something that would prove that everything would be worth it. Long distance relationships aren't always impossible, it's just as strong as the effort put into it. Anyway, i planned a surprise weekend trip for my girlfriend because i hadn't seen her in months! Let me tell you though, it's not as easy to plan everything as it is to tell yourself, "Let's do this." So i picked a date and booked a flight all while keeping it under wraps while talking with the girlfriend everyday. Hard to hide, or hold a conversation when she asks "what have you been doing?" All the time.

Now came the hard part. I actually messaged her mom through facebook, aware of how mildly addicted she was to it, telling her about my surprise and she was actually excited for it! She offered to pick me up from SFO (San Fransisco Airport) so i didn't have to go through the troubles of transportation, AND offered me housing. Amazing right?! On top of that, i had to ask her to keep everything quiet from the girlfriend, and she did great!

When Friday came, i left for the airport (Jamila thinking i was heading for some early morning Farmer's Market or something) and made sure everything was going perfectly; texted her mom for details while keeping it totally discreet texting Jamila. When i landed, her mom told her that she had to pick up a package from the airport before leaving for downtown San Francisco for some shopping. A really big package. Here's what happened:

After all that excitement..or what i THOUGHT calmed down...

Afterwards, we went around downtown SF, Yerba Buena, Union Square, and everywhere else lovely with her fam. Long story short: a lot of walking, first time ice skating, being hungry constantly, and beautiful christmas lights. Fun and simple! Thenn, we went back to the house, interesting movie, slept over and had an amaaazzinnggg night with the Jamster. Woke up the next morning and got fed some Jollibee (naturally. No racial.) and then went to the beautiful palace of fine arts. If you guys get lucky, the Cutie will update her side of the story with all the pictures! :)

In other words. I love you babes! Hope you liked your gifts, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surprises and Presents!

Hey everyone, Richard here! Just wanted to say sorry about not having a post up for the last weekend, we were a bit busier than usual...

We will be posting up details on a later day but here's a little teaser!

This last weekend, I planned a trip to San Francisco to surprise my wonderful girlfriend for Christmas and it was a success! A huge one.

Thisss is the Macy's at Union Square beautifully lit at night, with the beaautiful girl :)

When we find the time to, we'll try to tell the whole story if you guys want...But for now, enjoy your Holidays everyone! Thanks for the support with this little "e-Cafe" and spreading it around. We'll keep doing it as long as you guys are lovin' it :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meet Your Newest Lullaby Singer

So, if you took Norah Jones, some Priscilla Ahn, a hint of Ingrid Michaelson maybe...and throw it all together with Lisa Hannigan...this probably what you'd get. Residing somewhere in Canada (Sorry D, forgot where exactly!), her music comes straight from her soul. I don't know anyone else who can compose so many lyrical masterpieces in such a short amount of time. With her soft, soothing voice and heartfelt words, you can't deny this girl's talent; and only at the age of 17! [Why is is that Canada holds so much talent...should be illegal.] Anyhow, recommended times to tune in are: Right before you go to bed.

Ladies, gentlemen, children and pets, Daniela Andrade!

One of my favorite covers and songs, "Don't Know Why."

"Heart of Life" w/ one of her amazing friends Paolo [You guys know i'm a sucker for some Mayer.]

An original piece entitled "Shells"


Check out all of her stuff @
&her friend Paulo!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ran Hwang;

The pictures below are from a collection titled "Dreaming of Joy" by Korean artist, Ran Hwang. Be careful however; at first eyes will see it as mere splattered paint on a wall..but if seen close enough, the true craft will show. Because these immense wall installations are composed completely with simple pins and buttons, it makes it extremely time consuming and repetitive manual work. For Hwang, this is a form of meditative practice that helps him find inner peace. He explains that..

"..pins are used to hold buttons onto the surface to form a silhouetted image, or to disintegrate such image. No adhesive is used so that the buttons are free to stay and move, which implies the genetic human tendency to be irresolute. I use buttons, because they are common and ordinary, like the existence of human beings... By hammering thousands of pins onto a wall, I discover significance of existence... my work is a form of performance that leads to finding oneself."

Basically, some pins are hammered in deeper to create different shades and depths, and others more loosely which are intended to fall, creating that dissolving illusion. An amazing artist. Don't forget to pop your eyes back in and pick your jaw off the floor, enjoy!

Note: The cages seen are a part of the complete piece, not only for security purposes. Cool huh?

pieces from his "Dreaming of Joy" installation;

For other works of Ran Hwang [not just pins and buttons] visit his site at (:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Easy Cabreezzy

This week, I decided to feature one from the more underrated list of musicians. Introduced and suggested to me by my good friend Dustin aka Tsud123 (Featured in previous post), she sings with one of the more unique tones that you can't help but keep listening. She may look young, but there's a certain mature vibe that surrounds these songs. Smooth vocals mixed with refreshing songwriting, and straight from the Philippines: Rizza Cabrera (or Cabreezzah). Enjoy, and thank Dustin!

Her take on John Mayer's Comfortable


A snippet of her original "Lady Luck"

Like what you heard? Check out more

Saturday, November 21, 2009

thickness never looked so good

Belarusian painter, Leonid Afremov, is definitely one who can work with colors and more. His skill with a palette knife and oil paint creates realistic vivid scenes and cityscapes filled with bright colors and amazing reflections. His emphatic thick strokes are almost mosaic in nature, but the result lacks no detail where the colors merge.

(For those who don't know, using a palette knife is basically like spreading butter on toast. Kind of. They look like this which is how his signature thick strokes are done.)

Afremov’s landscapes capture the emotion of a casual stroll through an old city, with all the vibrant colors and cultures alive in this artist’s perspective. Enjoy!

For more pieces visit

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Bit of Soul from the Netherlands

If R&B gets you moving, then sit back and let this guy move you. From the Netherlands, the soul he sings with is enough to drown you in chills, and his "raspy" tone is something almost every guy would want. It makes it harder for women to stay mad at you..(no promises.) Also, it doesn't hurt than he produces and plays just about everything in his backing tracks.

I've been a fan for a while now, and i figured this is something people would replay over and over..but if you haven't already heard his music or voice before, meet Airto Edmundo, and enjoy his old school soulful sounds.
Airto's take on Drake's "Best I Ever Had" <--actually makes me like the song.

Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" (One of my favorites.)

Airto's original song "Move On"

More at

Saturday, November 7, 2009

writing in the sky

again, sorry for the late post!

For Shinichi Maruyama, photography is a resourceful medium rich in aesthetic, commercial, and social possibilities. For the past five years, in a group of astonishing images he calls the Kusho series, Maruyama has focused on the technical and characteristics of the photographic medium itself.
The Kusho series consists of twenty-three large-scale color photographs that represent the interplay of black ink and water, both in midair and on white surfaces. These images literally deconstruct the material elements of ink drawing and calligraphy, allowing us to see, in detail, the chemical and physical processes invisible to the naked eye.

visit his website at

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Melodic Poetry

I've been a long-time fan of this artist, and he's grown to be one of my favorite influences over time. With authentic poetry rather than generic lyrics, he writes some of the most amazing pieces of music with the simplest compositions. It'd be an understatement to just call them songs.

If you're into Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne, or the deep, mellow folk-styled music..This one is definitely one to listen to.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alain De Courtenay with one of my favorite songs of his, "Make Believe."

Another favorite: "Two Step"


Please support!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ibai Acevedo LarraƱaga

A Hispanic photographer/artist I, unfortunately, don't know too much about. But, I have seen enough to know that he has an eye for impressive compositions.

A dimly lit photo with an outrageous focus is impressive, no?
He captures such photos with impeccable lighting, vibrant hues, & natural beauty and furthermore edits them to a point where it's not too much, but just enough to force your creative side to work. What I adore most about his work though, (keep in mind I hate square dimensions when it comes to editing photos) Acevedo has the ability to make square, rectangular, and panoramic shots look mindblowing.

For full sizes & more of his work, check out his flickr!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Sandman..Lives On.

I'm sorry guys, I know it's not Friday...but I couldn't help but put this up first thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pomplamoose is at it again!!

Support them, and spread their music AND this page please! Enjoy like i know you will :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Casual, yet Classy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael "Heartthrob" Buble's newest single:

"Haven't Met You Yet"

If you haven't already heard this song all over the "love songs" Radio stations...Listen to, and watch this. It's guaranteed to keep you smiling as if your first kindergarten crush just gave you a giant cookie. Yep, just like that.

However, as amazingly charming as this song is..the man behind it is what this blog is really about:

(Thanks to a good friend, Jesse Barrera, for showing me this first!)

“Even with mistakes and stuff, it usually feels better. And thats what we’re looking for on this record - for it to feel good as opposed to it sounding perfect.”

The respect I have for his musicality, and as a person is unmeasurable. In the words of Jesse B., "This guy is doing everything right." Hopefully old, new, and future fans will appreciate Michael more after realizing what an honest artist is. If you have no idea what that looks like, well..I'd have to say he's a pretty good example.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

graffito: n. A drawing or inscription made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public.

Personally, I think graffiti artists are kind of like the Picassos of hip-hop culture. They portray a language, an image, a voice and a vision. & well, the individuality of a free expression is just displayed through its thirst for art. What a better canvas than a stone wall.

Barry McGee aka "Twister"; street rat to professional gallery artist.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sucker for Accents

If you're a Jason Mraz fan (which i'm pretty sure you already are,) You'll love this!

Hailing from the UK, OrtoPilot (& guest TheBathRoomGirl) put their own flavor into this cover of Jason's "Geek in the Pink." And by flavor, I mean accents; which naturally makes things sound only 1000x better than normal, am I right?

I've been a fan of OrtoPilot since youtube was first introduced to me, and he's most-definitely grown as a musician and developed his sound into somethings i wish i could create! So if you're into funky acoustic jams or slower melodies, then add this guy to your playlist :)


Also check out TheBathroomGirl who was a guest collaborator!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheesy..But A Goody!

"Cheesy Little Love Song" - Justin Taylor

I've actually been a long-time fan of this guy. Though his stuff may sound simple and his voice may not be that of a power-vocalist, it takes someone who really appreciates music to realize: His music is pure passion.

With solely his fingers, voice, and guitar, Justin Taylor puts together some of the most genius melodies I've heard.. all into a calm, therapeutic tune. It's no reason he's signed with CandyRat records! So, don't overlook the fact that what he's playing isn't at all too easy either. If you're a guitarist, I dare you to try and learn his masterpieces. You'll see what i mean.

Stay up to date with him, he's one to look out for too! Just search him up, listen to the few videos he's posted through Candyrat's Youtube page and hisMyspace, and enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Evidence that: Innovation and originality still genuinely exist!

Don't let their small number fool you! Literally a dynamic duo, these two are both heavily armed with the ability to play several instruments, and fluently at that. With their passion for sounds and ear-pleasing tones, they add their own little zest and flavor to popular well as utilizing it in their original material! Here they're showing their versatility by covering Beyonce's hit song: "Single Ladies," and personally..I favor this version.

Watching the video's not too bad either. :)
Check them out guys! They deserve more attention

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuteness Overload..

With the traditional Tsud123 originality.

This is cute enough to make me want to vomit. That's a big deal, yo.

So. Dustin is one who will surely:
  1. Make you smile.
  2. Make you stare awkwardly at his awkwardness.
  3. Make you lose the game.
  4. Make you his friend.
  5. Inspire you.
If you've ever seen any of his Youtube videos, you should know he's no stranger to video editing. He'll keep you mesmerized and entertained with his unexpected cuts, and quirky personalities that shine through your screen! A somewhat natural comedian, aspiring singer/songwriter,, and personal friend, Dustin is definitely one to stay updated with! So subscribe to and follow him, and tell them we sent you! (If you already know who he is..tell him anyway.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ello & Bonjour!

Welcome to the newly renovated, rejuvenated blogspot where we, Richard and Jamila, showcase undiscovered talent provided by…you!

Every week we will try to update the site with your submissions of new artists, photographers, musicians, poets, as well as some of our own crafts(possibly) to promote creativity. Just shoot an email @ if you want to submit yourself or others to put on our page :) ! Follow us!

Our goal with this is to create a sort of…”Virtual” Coffeeshop where people can come and go, with the opportunity to enjoy other people’s pride and passions, as well as share them. So it’s basically a win-win situation: You, the viewer, get a dose of art, as the artist gets their little share of promotion! Sounds like a good plan to me.

So help us out by spreading this little “Coffeeshop” around and contributing to our exhibitions :) Enjoy yourself, look around a bit, and thank you!

Banner&Layout designed by Jams

Sunday, March 29, 2009


incredible. no doubt, TALENT. enjoy!


what amazed me even more though are hisss songs. [check em out at]
especially this particular one, In The Water.

Friday, March 6, 2009

ladies & gentlemen, ms. amazing;

i'm baack! & back with another music post heeeey!
soo, this musician truly has some strong vocals. & when she plays the piano.. oh myy goodness! MESMERIZING. plus, she's waay cute. <3 s'all i can say. love her fersho. ladies & gentlemenn, Kathleeen Badar :D

ps. from the TB fam;
JR Aquino: I Love Kat. (Not the feline.)
PJ Torres: Kats laugh attract dolphins..
Timirose Bustamante: i want to hug kat
vobot awesome: kat is the most adorable and loudest person in the smallest body
Art Tran: kat is the biggest small person i know
Art Tran: bearkat*


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

out and about.

LOLOLL. i<3vo. :D most def, the cutest canadian everrr. & certainly one of my faves. but she has a little problem..

& of course some of the group respond. HAHA. & my my my, <3
here are a few of the top faves;

DA BESS. so dang cute!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Woww, back to back amazing artists doing their thangg with BOMB songs. Definitely my FAAVES; JR with Free Falling (scroll down[:) &&&! Richard (Art) Tran with Thinking of you.. <333 i entirely love these songs, & i just adooore these guys for covering them[:

the best the best the best

check the description of the vid![; & yes, haha, he does have a pretty neck :D

don't forget to check out his other videos!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

free falling(:

Myy goodness, amazing. S'all i can say. thanks JR ! :D

Friday, February 20, 2009

bits of art;

Up at 6 this morning. Did nothingg productive the whole day. Well, that is, until late evening, when i randomly got the need to mess with some art. So i totally took on the urge & finished up a simple munny, & did some intriguing little sketches on cool little papers.

Entirely amazed with how these turned out. +Glad i had something to work with, it was about time. (:

S'all for now! arrivederci!
keep smilin, Jams.

Friday, February 13, 2009


oop, didnt mean to be this laggy with these blog posts.
anywhoo, i said i'll be back with some music, and well, i am(:

JR Aquino's old youtube account got suspended [whack reasons]. but, i say, he's already gettin on that come back. he's posting up new videos with not only his amazing vocals, but also with some incredible guitar skills(: Myy baaad superstar! Haha, ily JR :D

Enjoy !

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Soo, i've owed my friend Adrian his munny since like foreverrr. & siince his birthday is already this weekend, thought i'd start AND finish it today. didn't take too long, but the can was waay thick. simple design, but incredibly artsy :D

totally hope he likes it !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For Your Soul 2;

There's nothing i love more than a good show.
being a staff member didnt hurt though[;
Hosts, JR & Randolph, are completely hilarious on stage AND off. & all the performers were full on astonishing ! +we had special guests Jr Aquino & Bryan Keith ! Music GODS.
&&& ! not only did these artists perform with flawless voices on stage, but their 'little jams & practices' backstage just bleww my mind !
There's no doubt that this was thee best show & way to start off the year.

for those who attended, you know what i'm talking about ! and for those who didnt.. sorry =/ but i have to admit, you totally missed out.

ps; congrats to Amiel for pulling everything together, & also to the exuberant staff !
soo happy i got to be a part of this ! Hope to see you guys soon !

Enjoy the Vids ! [missing some great performances though]
cred goes to the youtube people i got these off of. great quality !

Getting Stronger; Randolph, Monique, & Lauren

My Everything; Jr, Stefan, Jay, & Matthew

Medley; Raelynne Rosales +band

What If; summerbreeze

End Of The Road; Urban Germany

Medley; by the great GLP

:O Artists who couldnt go even did a shout out !

oh yeahh, bryan keith actually came though ! anywhoo. ANG SARAP SARAP.

*missing a whole lot. youtube's great. go search ! :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So, this guy, Sam Hart, is a total genius ! He is also known as the Mario Kart Guy. Lol, but why is he known as the Mario Kart Guy? welll, this original song of his is completely brilliant. I just haad to put it up in here.

Mario Kart Love Song (Original)