Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheesy..But A Goody!

"Cheesy Little Love Song" - Justin Taylor

I've actually been a long-time fan of this guy. Though his stuff may sound simple and his voice may not be that of a power-vocalist, it takes someone who really appreciates music to realize: His music is pure passion.

With solely his fingers, voice, and guitar, Justin Taylor puts together some of the most genius melodies I've heard.. all into a calm, therapeutic tune. It's no reason he's signed with CandyRat records! So, don't overlook the fact that what he's playing isn't at all too easy either. If you're a guitarist, I dare you to try and learn his masterpieces. You'll see what i mean.

Stay up to date with him, he's one to look out for too! Just search him up, listen to the few videos he's posted through Candyrat's Youtube page and hisMyspace, and enjoy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Evidence that: Innovation and originality still genuinely exist!

Don't let their small number fool you! Literally a dynamic duo, these two are both heavily armed with the ability to play several instruments, and fluently at that. With their passion for sounds and ear-pleasing tones, they add their own little zest and flavor to popular well as utilizing it in their original material! Here they're showing their versatility by covering Beyonce's hit song: "Single Ladies," and personally..I favor this version.

Watching the video's not too bad either. :)
Check them out guys! They deserve more attention

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuteness Overload..

With the traditional Tsud123 originality.

This is cute enough to make me want to vomit. That's a big deal, yo.

So. Dustin is one who will surely:
  1. Make you smile.
  2. Make you stare awkwardly at his awkwardness.
  3. Make you lose the game.
  4. Make you his friend.
  5. Inspire you.
If you've ever seen any of his Youtube videos, you should know he's no stranger to video editing. He'll keep you mesmerized and entertained with his unexpected cuts, and quirky personalities that shine through your screen! A somewhat natural comedian, aspiring singer/songwriter,, and personal friend, Dustin is definitely one to stay updated with! So subscribe to and follow him, and tell them we sent you! (If you already know who he is..tell him anyway.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ello & Bonjour!

Welcome to the newly renovated, rejuvenated blogspot where we, Richard and Jamila, showcase undiscovered talent provided by…you!

Every week we will try to update the site with your submissions of new artists, photographers, musicians, poets, as well as some of our own crafts(possibly) to promote creativity. Just shoot an email @ if you want to submit yourself or others to put on our page :) ! Follow us!

Our goal with this is to create a sort of…”Virtual” Coffeeshop where people can come and go, with the opportunity to enjoy other people’s pride and passions, as well as share them. So it’s basically a win-win situation: You, the viewer, get a dose of art, as the artist gets their little share of promotion! Sounds like a good plan to me.

So help us out by spreading this little “Coffeeshop” around and contributing to our exhibitions :) Enjoy yourself, look around a bit, and thank you!

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