Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ibai Acevedo LarraƱaga

A Hispanic photographer/artist I, unfortunately, don't know too much about. But, I have seen enough to know that he has an eye for impressive compositions.

A dimly lit photo with an outrageous focus is impressive, no?
He captures such photos with impeccable lighting, vibrant hues, & natural beauty and furthermore edits them to a point where it's not too much, but just enough to force your creative side to work. What I adore most about his work though, (keep in mind I hate square dimensions when it comes to editing photos) Acevedo has the ability to make square, rectangular, and panoramic shots look mindblowing.

For full sizes & more of his work, check out his flickr!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Sandman..Lives On.

I'm sorry guys, I know it's not Friday...but I couldn't help but put this up first thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pomplamoose is at it again!!

Support them, and spread their music AND this page please! Enjoy like i know you will :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Casual, yet Classy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael "Heartthrob" Buble's newest single:

"Haven't Met You Yet"

If you haven't already heard this song all over the "love songs" Radio stations...Listen to, and watch this. It's guaranteed to keep you smiling as if your first kindergarten crush just gave you a giant cookie. Yep, just like that.

However, as amazingly charming as this song is..the man behind it is what this blog is really about:

(Thanks to a good friend, Jesse Barrera, for showing me this first!)

“Even with mistakes and stuff, it usually feels better. And thats what we’re looking for on this record - for it to feel good as opposed to it sounding perfect.”

The respect I have for his musicality, and as a person is unmeasurable. In the words of Jesse B., "This guy is doing everything right." Hopefully old, new, and future fans will appreciate Michael more after realizing what an honest artist is. If you have no idea what that looks like, well..I'd have to say he's a pretty good example.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

graffito: n. A drawing or inscription made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public.

Personally, I think graffiti artists are kind of like the Picassos of hip-hop culture. They portray a language, an image, a voice and a vision. & well, the individuality of a free expression is just displayed through its thirst for art. What a better canvas than a stone wall.

Barry McGee aka "Twister"; street rat to professional gallery artist.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sucker for Accents

If you're a Jason Mraz fan (which i'm pretty sure you already are,) You'll love this!

Hailing from the UK, OrtoPilot (& guest TheBathRoomGirl) put their own flavor into this cover of Jason's "Geek in the Pink." And by flavor, I mean accents; which naturally makes things sound only 1000x better than normal, am I right?

I've been a fan of OrtoPilot since youtube was first introduced to me, and he's most-definitely grown as a musician and developed his sound into somethings i wish i could create! So if you're into funky acoustic jams or slower melodies, then add this guy to your playlist :)


Also check out TheBathroomGirl who was a guest collaborator!