Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sucker for Accents

If you're a Jason Mraz fan (which i'm pretty sure you already are,) You'll love this!

Hailing from the UK, OrtoPilot (& guest TheBathRoomGirl) put their own flavor into this cover of Jason's "Geek in the Pink." And by flavor, I mean accents; which naturally makes things sound only 1000x better than normal, am I right?

I've been a fan of OrtoPilot since youtube was first introduced to me, and he's most-definitely grown as a musician and developed his sound into somethings i wish i could create! So if you're into funky acoustic jams or slower melodies, then add this guy to your playlist :)


Also check out TheBathroomGirl who was a guest collaborator!

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