Saturday, November 21, 2009

thickness never looked so good

Belarusian painter, Leonid Afremov, is definitely one who can work with colors and more. His skill with a palette knife and oil paint creates realistic vivid scenes and cityscapes filled with bright colors and amazing reflections. His emphatic thick strokes are almost mosaic in nature, but the result lacks no detail where the colors merge.

(For those who don't know, using a palette knife is basically like spreading butter on toast. Kind of. They look like this which is how his signature thick strokes are done.)

Afremov’s landscapes capture the emotion of a casual stroll through an old city, with all the vibrant colors and cultures alive in this artist’s perspective. Enjoy!

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Loris Saprid. said...

Okay I'm commenting because this might be my favorite post so far. I hope you're not disappointed because I'm not some stranger reading your blog. Lawl.

But! The way he portrays light & reflections! Mygaaaaaahds.

Richard & Jamila said...

Dang it loris!!!

Just kidding.

Clinton said...

I like this post. The paintings? pastels? i don't know. They're so.. I can't explain it, but i'd sure love to have a life like that.