Sunday, March 7, 2010

smooth melody

Hey CafeJammers! Sorry it's been a while, but i'm back with an artist that i've been listening to and admiring a lot lately. Involved in a car accident at 19, she was suggested to use music-therapy to help her heal easier and since then, it's become a passion of hers.She's now one of my favorite jazz vocalists/artists i've ever come across, with her sultry smooth voice and ear for melodies (no pun intended). If you're a fan of the classy jazz vibe, here's Melody Gardot to sway you to sleep.
*Big thank you to my favorite dork Melissa Polinar for showing me!

Melody Gardot's "Goodnite" (one of my favorite songs for a while now; in love with it.)

She's also a flawless, charismatic live performer. Here's "Goodnite" live @ Nice Jazz Festival

"Baby I'm a Fool"

Stay Classy,

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vahneszah said...

I love her song "If The Stars Were Mine" so so cute & it sounds a bit foreign