Thursday, January 15, 2009


Soo, i've owed my friend Adrian his munny since like foreverrr. & siince his birthday is already this weekend, thought i'd start AND finish it today. didn't take too long, but the can was waay thick. simple design, but incredibly artsy :D

totally hope he likes it !


ouran611 said...

jamila!! you are incredibly talented... I was looking at all the art on your page =) <3 you!!

-Lauren D.

Adoboy said...

OMG make me one!! hahaha ill pick it up next month [: good job

Loris Saprid. said...

you're dope.


Droidoid said...

I can easily say that you are amazingly talented. You wow-ed me:]

P.S. You are very welcome! Hope you're feeling better.

tia said...

you're so talented and artistic, jams!
i'm so jealous :(