Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For Your Soul 2;

There's nothing i love more than a good show.
being a staff member didnt hurt though[;
Hosts, JR & Randolph, are completely hilarious on stage AND off. & all the performers were full on astonishing ! +we had special guests Jr Aquino & Bryan Keith ! Music GODS.
&&& ! not only did these artists perform with flawless voices on stage, but their 'little jams & practices' backstage just bleww my mind !
There's no doubt that this was thee best show & way to start off the year.

for those who attended, you know what i'm talking about ! and for those who didnt.. sorry =/ but i have to admit, you totally missed out.

ps; congrats to Amiel for pulling everything together, & also to the exuberant staff !
soo happy i got to be a part of this ! Hope to see you guys soon !

Enjoy the Vids ! [missing some great performances though]
cred goes to the youtube people i got these off of. great quality !

Getting Stronger; Randolph, Monique, & Lauren

My Everything; Jr, Stefan, Jay, & Matthew

Medley; Raelynne Rosales +band

What If; summerbreeze

End Of The Road; Urban Germany

Medley; by the great GLP

:O Artists who couldnt go even did a shout out !

oh yeahh, bryan keith actually came though ! anywhoo. ANG SARAP SARAP.

*missing a whole lot. youtube's great. go search ! :D

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