Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheesy..But A Goody!

"Cheesy Little Love Song" - Justin Taylor

I've actually been a long-time fan of this guy. Though his stuff may sound simple and his voice may not be that of a power-vocalist, it takes someone who really appreciates music to realize: His music is pure passion.

With solely his fingers, voice, and guitar, Justin Taylor puts together some of the most genius melodies I've heard.. all into a calm, therapeutic tune. It's no reason he's signed with CandyRat records! So, don't overlook the fact that what he's playing isn't at all too easy either. If you're a guitarist, I dare you to try and learn his masterpieces. You'll see what i mean.

Stay up to date with him, he's one to look out for too! Just search him up, listen to the few videos he's posted through Candyrat's Youtube page and hisMyspace, and enjoy!

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