Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuteness Overload..

With the traditional Tsud123 originality.

This is cute enough to make me want to vomit. That's a big deal, yo.

So. Dustin is one who will surely:
  1. Make you smile.
  2. Make you stare awkwardly at his awkwardness.
  3. Make you lose the game.
  4. Make you his friend.
  5. Inspire you.
If you've ever seen any of his Youtube videos, you should know he's no stranger to video editing. He'll keep you mesmerized and entertained with his unexpected cuts, and quirky personalities that shine through your screen! A somewhat natural comedian, aspiring singer/songwriter,, and personal friend, Dustin is definitely one to stay updated with! So subscribe to and follow him, and tell them we sent you! (If you already know who he is..tell him anyway.)


philchao said...

NGL, this is one of the cutest videos ever. well done, dustin! and thanks to richard and jamila for this blog. <3 you guys!

tsud123 said...

yes, mr. tran and jamilia... thanks so much for making this here blog. it's pretty cool :D