Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ran Hwang;

The pictures below are from a collection titled "Dreaming of Joy" by Korean artist, Ran Hwang. Be careful however; at first eyes will see it as mere splattered paint on a wall..but if seen close enough, the true craft will show. Because these immense wall installations are composed completely with simple pins and buttons, it makes it extremely time consuming and repetitive manual work. For Hwang, this is a form of meditative practice that helps him find inner peace. He explains that..

"..pins are used to hold buttons onto the surface to form a silhouetted image, or to disintegrate such image. No adhesive is used so that the buttons are free to stay and move, which implies the genetic human tendency to be irresolute. I use buttons, because they are common and ordinary, like the existence of human beings... By hammering thousands of pins onto a wall, I discover significance of existence... my work is a form of performance that leads to finding oneself."

Basically, some pins are hammered in deeper to create different shades and depths, and others more loosely which are intended to fall, creating that dissolving illusion. An amazing artist. Don't forget to pop your eyes back in and pick your jaw off the floor, enjoy!

Note: The cages seen are a part of the complete piece, not only for security purposes. Cool huh?

pieces from his "Dreaming of Joy" installation;

For other works of Ran Hwang [not just pins and buttons] visit his site at (:

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Crazy talented artist ;)
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