Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surprises and Presents! Pt. II

So maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was lying in bed thinking of what I could do that would be an amazing Christmas present for my girlfriend. I mean, i'd already got her material gifts long before the holiday rush came, but i needed the sentimental part. (Men, note that just buying things wont always work in the long run. Shoot for the sensitive stuff, HA.)

Distance was also starting to take a bit of a toll on our relationship, so I needed something that would prove that everything would be worth it. Long distance relationships aren't always impossible, it's just as strong as the effort put into it. Anyway, i planned a surprise weekend trip for my girlfriend because i hadn't seen her in months! Let me tell you though, it's not as easy to plan everything as it is to tell yourself, "Let's do this." So i picked a date and booked a flight all while keeping it under wraps while talking with the girlfriend everyday. Hard to hide, or hold a conversation when she asks "what have you been doing?" All the time.

Now came the hard part. I actually messaged her mom through facebook, aware of how mildly addicted she was to it, telling her about my surprise and she was actually excited for it! She offered to pick me up from SFO (San Fransisco Airport) so i didn't have to go through the troubles of transportation, AND offered me housing. Amazing right?! On top of that, i had to ask her to keep everything quiet from the girlfriend, and she did great!

When Friday came, i left for the airport (Jamila thinking i was heading for some early morning Farmer's Market or something) and made sure everything was going perfectly; texted her mom for details while keeping it totally discreet texting Jamila. When i landed, her mom told her that she had to pick up a package from the airport before leaving for downtown San Francisco for some shopping. A really big package. Here's what happened:

After all that excitement..or what i THOUGHT calmed down...

Afterwards, we went around downtown SF, Yerba Buena, Union Square, and everywhere else lovely with her fam. Long story short: a lot of walking, first time ice skating, being hungry constantly, and beautiful christmas lights. Fun and simple! Thenn, we went back to the house, interesting movie, slept over and had an amaaazzinnggg night with the Jamster. Woke up the next morning and got fed some Jollibee (naturally. No racial.) and then went to the beautiful palace of fine arts. If you guys get lucky, the Cutie will update her side of the story with all the pictures! :)

In other words. I love you babes! Hope you liked your gifts, Merry Christmas!

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