Monday, August 11, 2008


August 2, 2008 was another one of Serramonte Music Center's recitals. [i take piano lessons there, btw.] & well, it wasn't as long as other recitals i've been to, but the pieces always get better & better. I pretty much felt ownedd. There were little kids with mad skills. *including my sister of course. I figured that the order was based on the piece's difficulty. & hahha; i felt honored, i was second to last. Megan was one of the firsts, but dang, her timing is flawless. I, on the other hand, messed up a few times. Other than thaat, the night was pretty decent. The church we played at was much smaller than the one we went to last time, but the sound was amazing. Anywhoo; here are the videos;



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