Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesss; i got my stuff today. Ordered Krylon Clear Matte Finish, Krylon Flat Black Spray Paint, & a stone carving set. [obviously; i ordered all these things off an art website] I didnt have the time to actually go down to blick art store last weekend, so i just got the stuff online. The Krylon sprays are for the munnys.. =X & well, i wanted to start carving again.

i got 3 stones; an alabaster stone[white] from Italy, one soapstone[raspberry] from Brazil, & the other soapstone[greenish-red] from India, 2 detail rasps, 1 carving knife, a few pieces of sand paper, & a little bottle of polishing oil.

& guess what i'm gonn do with the white alabaster(;

*sorry; bad lighting = bad pictures.

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