Thursday, August 21, 2008


This might just be a phase... but, lately, i have been thinking about building a cafe when i'm all grown. A cafe where people can come to display their art/music. Probably somewhere in San Francisco to maybe attract some undiscovered urban artists and musicians to the cafe. Bringing different types of art and music to the media so these artists/musicians can maybe get discovered. And for those who just love creating art & music, this cafe would be a perfect place to show off their work.

Lol; i already have Ben Wong saying he'd help me with the cafe & Jullian being the cook; "ive always wanted to be a chef and open my own place". :D Hoopefully, this would actually be successful.
I knoww it would probably be impossible to fully pull off, but hey, i like to dream.

i just really support undiscovered artists & musicians. <3

OH & i have decided to display some art or music, from some people i know, on this blogspot [if they want].
So get at me if you want me to post up your art, photography, music, etc.!
/help me find these undiscovered people!

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