Tuesday, August 12, 2008


About a week ago, i started to design my blank mini Munny. Don't know what that is? Well; its a design it yourself toy from KidRobot. Anyways this idea came up, thanks to my friend Solomon :D, & the final product was planned to have a KNOW YOUR RANK shirt, SS varsity jacket, & the skull face from the know your rank shirt. I finished the body, but the face was killing me. I ended up not marking the face so Supreme Soul can just sign the whole head.

oh yeah; they were having a meet&greet down at Invisible Stripes on saturday&sunday; August 9&10. I was supposed to go with Solomon but later found out i couldnt. Soo, Solomon picked up my camera & baby mitch [the munny] & got it signed for me :D *thaanks again btw.

&&& when i got it back, it had a face on it! haha; thaank you george! "Ge.nius" from Supreme Soul drew the face on as well as signing the head.

anywhoo; here are the pictures of the munny itself & the munny with Supreme Soul; SlimJim, Mitch, Ge.nius, RjKoolRaul, Bionic, Frost, &Pharside.

SupremeSoulxKidRobot;"Mila J & Supreme Solo" lmao.

*all meet&greet pictures taken by; Solomon.

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